Well it has been awhile... Perhaps too long. I said I would bring back Cutthroat Tenkara if I could fish more than a few times a year.

Well that finally happened, after three long years of not enough fishing.

Living in Southern California (San Diego) can be a bit depressing on the trout front. Long drives to high pressure water, drought conditions, epic poison oak, and high wild fire danger are just a few of the challenges.

Of course the High Sierra are awesome, but it is at least a five hour drive north, which is kinda hard to swing for a day trip.

Well all that is behind me now because I moved to New England. Connecticut to be exact. The first month I lived here, I fished every day. Sometimes twice a day. It was awesome.

Right now this site will just be a parking spot for iloveto.fish. When I saw that that URL was available I had to take it...

So, go ahead and take a look iloveto.fish is still a work in progress but hopefully it will get a little more love than my gravel cycling site has...

Visit iloveto.fish